Why Heart Walk Foundation?

Our donors and volunteers support Heart Walk Foundation because they appreciate the relationships we’ve nurtured and the bridges we’ve built between two continents, connecting the world with the spirit of ayni – sacred reciprocity in the Andes. We collaborate with Q’ero communities to help them improve their health, preserve their culture, and remain on their ancestral lands. There are so many ways to get involved in our work with the Q’ero of Peru, from hosting Peru parties to volunteering on a construction project or donating much needed funds.


The generous financial support of our donors funds projects which help enable life-giving protein foods in the most desolate lands on Earth, as well as schools to educate and inspire Q’ero children.

HWF representatives make the difficult trek into Q’ero territories to assess how to use your donations in the most effective ways.



There are many ways to join our efforts.  Giving just a few hours a year can make such a big difference.

All of our volunteer opportunities offer the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the preservation of native cultures and Earth-honoring traditions.