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Alpaca Projects

Alpacas are fundamental to Q’ero life! Many die each year due to the severe winter weather in the Andes. Heart Walk Foundation has made a significant commitment to partnering with Q’ero villages to create sustainable improvements in alpaca farming.

For centuries the mountain people have depended on alpaca hair to spin into yarns for weaving their clothing, blankets, bags, and ropes necessary for survival. The women also weave exquisite textiles for use in spiritual ceremonies and to sell as a principle source of family income. Over its lifetime, each female alpaca can give birth to 5 or more baby alpacas, or crias, which can be sold to supplement the family income.

Help our partnership with the Q’ero to build alpaca shelters to protect this vital cultural resource. A donation of just $25.00 saves one alpaca by providing shelter for life. Donate now to save Q’ero alpacas!

Please help Heart Walk Foundation fund shelters to protect the alpacas in every village. One barn will shelter as many as 40 alpacas and costs just under $1000.00. This translates to just $25.00 to save the life of one precious Q’ero alpaca from harsh Andean winter cold. This cost includes all materials and the costs of a large 4×4 truck to transport materials across the rugged mountains on a narrow track to the isolated Q’ero communities. Villagers carry the materials on their backs across the mountains to each building site and do all the labor themselves.

In addition to tax-deductible donations we collect, all proceeds from the sale of alpaca goods and hand woven textiles to fund our projects, including this one.

Heart Walk Foundation’s recent successes saving many Q’ero alpacas has ignited our passion to reach an important goal — to build enough shelters to protect all alpacas in the remote mountain Q’ero villages!