What We Do

Heart Walk Foundation works with native Q’ero tribal villages in the high Andes Mountains of Peru, through sustainable partnerships combining tribal labor with resources and expertise in remote mountainous locations. Communities submit brief proposals for specific projects such as schools, greenhouses, alpaca barns, and trout farms. We fund those projects that the local people can sustain over time, that support their traditional culture, and increase the quality of life for current and future generations.

About Our Work

Heart Walk Foundation projects fall under several important areas of concern for the villages we work with. Read more about the work we do in the following areas of challenge for Q’ero communities:

•    Alpaca projects 
•    Cultural heritage projects
•    Education projects
•    Food security projects
•    Health projects

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Make a Difference

Heart Walk Foundation gives priority to projects that respect the strengths of Q’ero traditions and values. We also recognize that economic empowerment is an effective means to support, dignify, and empower the cultural life of aboriginal peoples.

HWF also funds projects that assist elderly, infirm, or disabled persons with food staples, as well as those that provide education and nutrition for children or health and dental care for all in need.

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