Education Projects

Schools for their children have been the most urgent and persistent priority of the Q’ero communities we work with. We’ve responded by building 17 classrooms and funding related costs. Now all children in Q’eros regions of Hapu Grande, Ccochamarka, Yanaruma, and Quico can attend school from age 3 through high school completion homeland. The development of unique educational content, including digital archives fuels a multi-sensory and culturally relevant learning experience.


The mountain children are enthusiastic about attending school. Many never hold a pencil or crayon or hold a book until they start school at age 5 or 6. They are eager and quick learners. But they face many challenges as learners.

There is a critical shortage of teachers willing to move to the Q’ero villages due to the constant cold, remote locations, lack of services, and difficult living conditions. In fact, every year months can pass with no teachers coming to some of the more remote villages.  The classrooms sit empty.

Heart Walk Foundation addresses this critical situation by providing basic teacher housing and additional pay in villages where needed.

Your donation of 250.00 gives a child a year of learning. We also seek the donation of digital tablets for every Q’ero school.

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A Cultural Approach – Archival Educational Materials

IMG_8904-edu-wHeart Walk Foundation is developing a unique body of educational materials using audio and video recordings of the Q’ero people’s narrative and of village life for use in our schools. A wide variety of topics include elders’ oral histories, personal stories, and cultural practices.

We intend to give this digital content to every Q’ero community. We are especially interested in giving the films to each school with subtitles in Quechua and Spanish to help the new generations with reading development.  In order to make use of this valuable recorded information we need digital tablets that can be charged with solar panels for every Q’ero school.