50 volunteers raise funds to cover 72 alpacas

Many thanks to over 50 volunteers, donors, and shoppers for a successful yard sale in St. George, Utah, on October 17. Funds raised will help build sturdy stone barns to protect alpacas from severe winter conditions in remote Q’ero villages that lie between 12,600 feet and 15,000 feet in elevation in the Andes Mts. of Peru.

Alpacas are essential to Q’ero life. The native Q’ero people spin and weave the alpaca fiber to make blankets, ropes, and clothing. They also weave alpaca textiles to sell to purchase basic necessities such as salt and cooking oil.  See our collection of these exquisite textiles at  TribalStore.org where your purchase supports this and other Heart Walk Foundation initiatives.


Photo:  Seti Gershberg (c) Used with permission