Help keep the Peruvian doctor and nurse in Q’eros through the coming year by making a donation on Giving Tuesday, November 27. Your gift will be DOUBLED by an Angel Donor. Donate online on November 27 or write “Tuesday” on your check.

First Medical Services for Q’eros

Obstetrician and nurse attend births, injuries and illnesses.

Our generous donors have funded the first-ever doctor and nurse to live and serve the medical needs of the Q’ero people in the remote Hapu and Quico regions. These dedicated medics attend to patients across a 300 square mile region and commit to live in isolated, crude conditions.

Patients can be treated in the clinic building in Quico village which includes several basic exam and treatment rooms.

The building is only a few years old and is kept clean. It features solar-powered lights and a special solar-powered refrigerator to maintain vaccinations and medications at the proper temperatures.

The solar equipment, some furnishings and supplies were donated by Heart Walk Foundation donors.

The medical team also travelers to visit patients in their home villages and checks on the students in their classrooms.

An Urgent Need

Until recently, the Q’ero had no access to health care. Every year, children, youth, and parents died from common respiratory and intestinal illnesses. Birthing mothers delivered babies at home in crude conditions. Many babies died in their first year. The people had to figure out how to deal with wounds, injuries and infections with no medications, supplies or training.

Several years ago — before there was a doctor in the region — a young woman suffered undefined stomach pain and died several days later with no access to medical care. Her sister tearfully told us that she was only 18 years old. Sadly, we hear of too many avoidable deaths, and we saw too many untreated injuries. We felt compelled to help.

Watch this short film about the Q’ero struggle with health problems and how Heart Walk Foundation has been addressing the needs.

Building Foundations of Health in the Andes

Providing Solutions

Now, thanks to our donors, the Q’ero communities can receive health care — a basic human right. You can be part of the solution by providing a donation to ensure medical services for the Q’ero continue in 2019.

If you are inspired by these stories, you can help guarantee that the Q’ero villagers will not go without medical services in 2019. Give a gift of health care and mention “Tuesday” in your dedication. Your gift will be matched by our Angel Donor.

$25 provides medical care for one person for an entire year.
$100 provides medical care for a family for one year.
$300 provides medical care for three families for an entire year.

Every gift will be doubled by our matching donor to expand the power of your gift.

Investing in health care saves lives and increases the stability of families and communities.

Join our efforts to help the native Q’ero people. Make a donation today.


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