Nilda Apasa lives with many obstacles. A few years after Nilda’s father died, her mother moved away from the Q’ero region to live with her new husband. Nilda has been living alone in Hapu Q’ero village for several years. She is 14 years old.

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This determined child collects firewood and llama dung to cook simple meals in her one-room stone home. She washes her clothes by the river and has learned to weave because selling textiles provides her a tiny income for food and clothes.
Nilda never misses a day of school. Her teacher reports that she is very intelligent, diligent, and motivated to complete high school and get further training in a profession so she can serve her people as a community leader.

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You can help Nilda and other students in the Hapu Q’ero region achieve their dreams with your donation to complete the construction of the final classroom at her high school. Your donation will be far-reaching, as it will secure the Peruvian government to assume full responsibility for the high school thereafter.

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