When we look at a Q’ero weaving, we are viewing a visual narrative about the role of humans in the universe and the meaning of life. The beautiful colors, symbols, textures, fields, and patterns of a Q’ero weaving all contribute to a unifying narrative of Andean life and Q’ero cosmovision.

Q’ero stories describe and convey traditional identity, values, and relations to the earth, Pachamama. Community unity, belonging, and purpose are expressed through their textiles as well as in traditional stories, ancient songs, chants, dance, and ceremonial rituals. See more at TribalStore.org

I am so very grateful to you who help and nurture the preservation of the Q’ero people and traditions. — Tony, Oregon

Like a poem, the overall creation of a textile tells a story that is larger than the individual parts. Although we “westerners” are not adept at reading the stories in the textiles, when we touch one of these exquisite pieces, our hearts respond to the beautiful aesthetics of each creation.

I stumbled upon your Mestanas, and I simply love them. I haven’t found other Mestanas which are even close to being as beautiful as yours. — Friederike, Germany

In these rapidly changing times, modern economic pressures and 21st Century norms put constant pressure on Q’ero communities and culture. We can help the stability of Q’ero communities by purchasing their woven narratives – their textiles – as an appreciative “audience.” Our purchases encourage them to continue to tell their stories and keep their culture alive.


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