Young Brandon S. of St. George, Utah, has inspired many people in his young years. He raised fund to provide solar lanterns to ten Q’ero homes in 2013. Now he aims to feed the children in the Cochemarka village school. On his online fundraising page Brandon explains why: 

Hi, my name is Brandon and I am 12 years old. I love learning, and I love to read. Sharing these passions with others is important to me. A new classroom is now completed so the Q’ero kids have a place to learn. Help me reach my goal to raise $750 to feed them two hot meals each day for an entire year at school. Without your help to fund this hot meal program, the children have only cold potatoes for lunch, which gives them stomach aches and makes them sleepy in class.

After he has reaches his goals for the food program, Brandon says he wants to raise funds to help pay for a teacher at that school!

If you’d like to follow his example and start your own campaign to help the Q’ero people, please contact Penelope Eicher about all the easy tools Heart Walk Foundation has created to help make a personal fundraiser for specific HWF projects so easy to start.

If you’d like to support Brandon’s campaign to help the schoolchildren of the Cochemarka village school in the Q’ero nation, please visit his donation page. Or donate by check to Heart Walk Foundation. Write “Feed the Kids” on the enclosed envelope when you mail it in!