Did you Know?

Q’ero men and boys hike many miles to collect firewood.

Cooking on open fires fills the house with smoke, which is associated with respiratory infections, eye damage, and heart and lung disease.

Children gather llama dung to use as fuel for cooking.

The typical cooking fire produces 400 cigarettes’ worth of smoke every hour.*

*Michelle Nijuis. National Geographic.

Women and children are most at risk from
inhaling smoke in their own homes.

Creating Solutions

There are many efficient stoves on the world market. All are expensive. None address the unique situation of the Q’ero people. John Whitaker (Ivins, UT) of Whitaker Studio was inspired to develop a low-cost, easy-to-transport, fuel-efficient stove that can be assembled in the Q’ero villages with no tools. We call it the Breathe Easy Stove.

John was inspired by HWF’s love of the Q’ero people and their track record of directly funding projects that make a real difference in peoples’ lives. He decided to use his design skills and knowledge to help them Breathe Easy.

Field testing demonstrates that John’s design is nearly smokeless and far more efficient and functional for Heart Walk needs than commercially available stoves.

HWF volunteers will deliver the first Breathe Easy Stove(s) during the spring 2019 expedition to Q’eros. The prototype(s) will be tested, evaluated, and re-designed to reflect the needs of Q’ero families.

Ways You Can Help Q’ero Families Breathe Easy

At this time, estimates for materials, cutting, and preparation are well under $50 per stove. Designer John Whitaker is donating his time and expertise. Travelers to Cuzco will deliver the components in suitcases.

Donate Now

Donate online or by check to help us bring stoves to all Q’ero families.

Help Deliver Stove Components

If you or a friend travel to Cuzco, please consider checking an extra suitcase (we have plenty) with stove parts to your hotel, where a HWF representative will collect the suitcase. Contact Stacy 435.619.2271 or Penelope 435.619.0797

Buy a Wind Sculpture

Whitaker Studio (Kayenta, Utah) will host a special event to raise funds for this Breathe Easy Stove Project. 80% of your special purchase price will help fund these amazing stoves. Over 30 sculptures are one-of-a-kind or have special stories and are priced accordingly. Note! One-day special pricing for this fundraising event.

Saturday, April 27 from 10 am to 6 pm
Whitaker Studio, 899 Coyote Gulch, Ivins, UT 84738

Kayenta Art Village
Display is in North Yard of Whitaker Studio.
Come select your dream wind sculpture, have coffee or lunch at
Xetava Cafe and enjoy the chalk painting sidewalk festival at
Kayenta Art Village.
A perfect gift for friends or family.
Shipping is available.

Let’s Help Q’ero Families Breathe Easy

Make a donation here to help the Q’ero people.

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