Last week Heart Walk Foundation donated 13,000 pounds of emergency food to 200 Q’ero households who had been isolated in their remote Andean villages for almost three months under Peru’s strict quarantine due to SARS-Cov-2. Because of YOUR love and support, we are able to meet their urgent need for food.

Bertha Ramirez Rozas, our amazing HWF representative in the Sacred Valley, secured a special permit to shop for essential food for over 200 Q’ero families. It took her a week to shop for so much food since all transportation was shut down and she had to walk to each shop.



As soon as the quarantine was lifted, Bertha delivered two huge truckloads of food to the remote Q’ero villages. Bertha described the situation in the remote villages in stark terms:

“The people don’t have anything to eat. They’re very desperate. They don’t have money, either.
The truth is, I’ve never seen them so desperate.”

Our donors – YOU – made it possible for HWF to provide each family with salt, quinoa, tuna, rice, soy flour, cream of wheat, oats, sugar, cooking oil and other food staples. More than 1200 persons now enjoy relief from immediate food shortages.

When the quarantine began, Q’ero families who had been living in Cuzco were suddenly unable to earn wages to pay rent or buy food. They returned to their home villages, where most no longer have their former mountain fields to farm or an annual storage of potatoes. Their relatives cannot offer much help because everyone has been experiencing food deprivation. We are grateful to our donors — YOU — that we can offer urgently needed staples to every family to help carry them through these especially difficult times.

In the face of Peru’s protracted nation-wide quarantine, Heart Walk Foundation is still working to complete our project goals for 2020, including completing all school buildings, providing basic health care services, and improving alpaca herds. We are also arranging the purchase of textiles for sale at

YOU CAN HELP the Q’ero people by attending our fundraising concert. We will be physically distancing from one another with heartfelt connection to the Q’ero people. Bring your own chair to our HUGE shady lawn venue. Hosted wine and beer bar.

Enjoy beautiful harmonies and precise guitar with accomplished musicians David Jorgensen and Tim Eicher.

Listen to a sample of their music here.

Acoustic Beatles: Celebrating the Music of
John Lennon and George Harrison
Sat. July 11 from 7 – 9 pm
St. George, UT


If you cannot attend this outdoor concert, you may help the Q’ero communities by making a direct donation:

Make a donation here to help the Q’ero people.

Not a U.S. resident? Donate through our

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Thank you for your love for the Q’ero communities. You are making a significant difference in their lives.

Heart Walk Foundation Board of Directors:
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Tim Eicher
David Jamieson
Penelope Eicher
And a big welcome to our newest board member, Yvonne Lynott

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