No child likes to be cold

No child likes to be cold, and when you live without heat, a hat can provide precious warmth. When he learned that native Q’ero children live in constant cold in the highest villages in the Andes Mountains, eight-year-old Luke of Montrose, Colorado, wanted to help. Luke began to crochet hats to give warm relief to Q’ero children.

Luke’s mother taught him to crochet. Then they taught his grandmother to crochet. The three of them diligently crocheted 50 colorful hats for Q’ero children. His aunt Sandy purchased the hats from Luke to donate to Q’ero children. Luke may stand among the youngest of inspired social entrepreneurs.

These beautiful hats will warm heads and hearts of babies, toddlers, and children in Peru

Sandy Mailliard of California has been a longtime HWF supporter

Luke wrote this heartfelt letter to the children of Q’eros.

luke's letter

Luke’s beautiful hats will be delivered to Peru in October by two volunteer travellers from St. George, Utah, who will carry several suitcases of donations for the Q’ero people. Watch for their story after they return in October.

Maybe you can’t crochet or schlep donations to Cuzco, but you can help the Q’ero in other ways:

q'ero children

q'ero children

q'ero children

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