Noqa Munakuyki

Our partners in Q’eros are sending you love and gratitude for your gifts, your prayers, and your friendship.

Here’s what your donations have accomplished in 2023:

  • Food relief during times of political unrest
  • Internet access to the extremely remote communities of Yanaruma & Ccochamarca
  • School supplies for over 20 classrooms
  • Tools for teachers, such as computers, projectors, copiers, whiteboards, desks and chairs, paper and supplies
  • Prefabricated library for the elementary in Quico
  • Improvements to teachers’ dorms in Hapu
  • New clean-water well for the Hapu High School
  • Running water piped to every home in Hapu
  • Construction of the first bathing pools in the region
  • Wheelbarrows for each family in Ccochamarca
  • 63 alpaca ‘tuvi embras’ for improving alpaca yarn for weaving
  • Seed potatoes for each community to improve their variety
  • Warm clothing and sweaters for all children during the winter
  • School lunches provided for the high school cafeteria
  • Sponsorship of the Q’ero Cultural Fair donating practical prizes in both Quico and Hapu
  • Purchased $6,500 worth of textiles from Q’ero weavers
  • Provided wire fencing and grass seed for grazing pastures
  • Provided a traditional year-end Chocolatada celebration

Last year was a very productive year, and we’re riding the momentum into 2024.

The Cuy Project is Underway


Q’ero families in three communities have begun the first phase of the cuy project by choosing large blocks of land to plant grass pastures. Each family installed fencing and tilled the land to plant grass seed in time for the rainy season. Each family sends you gratitude for your generous gifts.

Listen to Felix express his gratitude here.

Spiritual Travel to Peru

We’re happy to announce a special opportunity for Spiritual Travel to Peru from our friends at Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a like-hearted charitable organization.
An Intimate Pilgrimage from the Highlands to the Lowlands, August 21-31, 2024
Kenosis Spirit Keepers has offered to donate $200 of each registration to Heart Walk Foundation. Click here to explore upcoming travel opportunities and visit their website at

Noqa Munakuyki. Warmest Wishes from our Directors.

Malynda Madsen
Penelope Eicher
David Jamieson
Tim Eicher