We bring you joyful news from the Andes! As you may remember, two years ago we raised funds to construct the fifth and final classroom for the high school serving the remote Hapu region, along with dormitories for the teachers. The completion of this project would bring the school up to Peruvian government standards to qualify for full and permanent funding by the Ministry of Education. This project would be our crowning achievement, bringing K-12 education to Q’ero youth and opening opportunities that all Peruvians deserve.

adobe mud bricks

Q’ero parents make adobe mud bricks and do all the labor to build classrooms.

Q'ero parents make adobe mud bricks

Mothers carry mud bricks that weigh 50 pounds or more (25+ kilos).

Sadly, the covid pandemic brought our dreams to a temporary halt. Quarantine mandates made it impossible to deliver building materials and to travel to oversee construction projects. The last 18 months brought urgent needs, including shortages of medical personnel, loss of family income, and grave food shortages in the region. With your donations we are meeting the additional needs to sustain Q’ero families throughout this crisis.

Joyful news from Q'eros

Your donations are feeding Q’ero families in this time of crisis.
We recently provided thousands of pounds of seed potatoes throughout the communities.
The covid crisis is not over, but we are joyful to announce that the completion of the high school classroom and teacher dormitories is underway! Our field director, Bertha Ramirez, has resumed delivery of materials and construction of the projects.
Bertha’s work requires her to risk her life and health, traveling long distances on a narrow dirt track through rugged terrain in rain, sleet, and snow. Bertha’s heroic efforts are turning Q’ero dreams of education into reality.


Q’ero men dig through deep snow so the 4×4 truck can deliver supplies.

travel to q'ero in snow

Travel to the villages is hazardous even in good weather.

During the groundbreaking for the classroom, Bertha and villagers performed a sacred Cha’lla ritual offering to Pachamama, watering the earth with alcohol spirits and placing coca leaves into the foundation cornerstones.

school foundation

Carrying heavy stones to build the foundation for the new classroom.

blessings to pachamama

Praying for protection and abundance while placing the cornerstone.

q'ero school

The Q’ero people relay their gratitude to YOU for your donations of emergency food and seed potatoes, which they planted in August for next year’s harvest. We will continue food delivery through May 2022 as well as completing the school construction projects.

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