Nury knelt in the snow and brushed frost from the potato crops she’d planted last August during the traditional Andean planting season. She trembled with worry as she uncovered her frozen young plants, realizing that the late spring snowstorm had damaged their crops. The entire region had been affected by the late freeze, and everyone in her mountainside village was despondent. What would they feed their children if they had no potatoes to harvest?

Andean communities have subsisted on a variety of potatoes for thousands of years. Although the traditional tubers grow small, ancient cultivation methods still ensure high nutritional quality in all potato varieties.

q'ero potatoes

How many potatoes does each Q’ero adult consume in one day?

Answer given below.
Hint: The people work very hard, and their potatoes are small.

WATCH: A late spring freeze damaged potato crops in Q’eros.

The Q’ero women and men toiled to save what was left of their crops. A few weeks later, new little sprouts began pushing through the soil. Nuri cried with relief that they might have enough potatoes to feed their families for the coming year. However, the salvaged crops will not yield enough seed potatoes for planting this August. With nothing to plant, they will have no potato harvest in May 2022.

Your Gifts Bring Food Security

You can help Q’ero families to purchase several tons of “seed” potatoes so all families can plant their fields this coming August. With your gift, all Hapu and Quico families will be able to harvest potatoes in May 2022 — enough to eat for the following twelve months.

Heart Walk Foundation began in 2003 when we first learned the Q’ero people had experienced a massive potato crop failure and were facing starvation. Over the last 18 years you have helped to improve food security for hundreds of families who are dependent on the whims of nature. The Q’ero people thank you with grateful hearts.

ANSWER: the average number of potatoes consumed by each Q’ero adult per day is forty.

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