With your help, we delivered supplies for a traditional Chocolatada Navideña celebration to the villages of the Hapu and Quico over the holidays, as well as a 3rd distribution of non-perishable food staples to sustain each family for the coming months. We wanted to share with you how such a simple contribution has made such a huge impact on their spirits.

The Chocolatada Navideña is a Peruvian holiday celebration where children are served delicious hot chocolate and traditional sweet bread.

Kids huddle in the schoolyard to keep warm and enjoy holiday treats.

In these difficult times, it’s essential to honor beloved traditions and to celebrate as a community. The Q’ero people have suffered many hardships this past year that weigh heavy on their hearts and minds. Uniting in celebration with holiday hot chocolate and sweet bread brought warmth and smiles to the faces of the Q’ero children and elders alike.

The entire village celebrates.

We distributed wool leggings to the women and girls to keep them warm under their traditional skirts. Most of all, they are warmed by your outreach and the knowledge that so many friends from afar remember them and care for their wellbeing.

With your continued support, we will return to provide a fourth distribution of food staples in March. We’ll also purchase and deliver enough baby fingerling trout to stock the many alpine lakes that surround the communities, to give all villagers the ability to fish for protein.

The Q’ero elders continue to pray for you, the donors and friends of Heart Walk Foundation, as we enter into this New Year. They pray for the healing of the world and for balance to be restored. They pray for a new beginning. They pray that the coming year will greet you with the same kindness and generosity you have shown them.

Traditional Q’ero prayer ceremonies flow into the late hours of the night.

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