Political unrest in Peru has escalated over the past two months. Protests have turned deadly and tourism has come to a complete halt. Strikes are closing down all transportation and commerce in the Sacred Valley; there is no fresh food available in stores, and it is impossible to find propane for cooking. With the current political strife felt throughout Peru, the safety of our staff and Q’ero communities is a constant concern. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Peruvian people.

Tradition Offers Comfort in Hard Times

Due to road closures and prevailing dangers, Bertha and her assistant Rocío delivered the traditional Christmas Chocolatada Navideña to the Q’ero communities on December 27th — a week later than planned. They also delivered the last scheduled food distribution, which brought hope and relief to concerned villagers, who haven’t left their region due to the crisis.

Thanks to a prior initiative we had secured food staples for distribution ahead of this crisis. The cost of goods has nearly tripled during the political upheaval. We are looking for ways to secure more food relief for the Q’ero as soon as possible. You can help us purchase food for Q’ero communities here.

In difficult times it’s more important than ever to lean on traditions that restore joy and bring comfort to communities. The Chocolatada celebration gathered families and friends together to share warmth and smiles.

q'ero food aid

The children line up first for this festive treat. Bertha hands a loaf of holiday bread to each child.

heart walk foundation food donations q'ero

The Youth Technical Training Program is Underway!

Despite some challenges, these excited Q’ero youth have begun the arduous process of academic leveling. We have two wonderful tutors assisting them who also teach at the institution, La Salle, where the students will soon be applying.

q'ero technical training program

Rocío, pictured below with one of the students, is our youth mentor, and she is fluent in Quechua, Spanish, and English. She has been working with these youth for over a year, and we are confident that her familiarity with the students will be grounding for them and help them succeed.

youth training program q'ero

The cohort celebrated the birthday of one of the students. The students are missing their families and trying to adjust to their very busy academic schedules. It is a very brave endeavor — leaving home to be the first in their communities to pursue higher education. We are rooting for them!

youth training q'ero

Thank you for your LOVE for the Q’ero communities.

You are making a significant impact in their lives.

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