This Thursday, many of us will come together with family and friends to fill our plates with gratitude. Shortly after, we’ll rush out to find the perfect gifts for those on our lists. We invite you to give the gift of opportunity this Giving Tuesday, and add the Q’ero youth to your list. November 29 is an international day of giving, and we are teaming up with 5 Angel Donors who will match your donation to DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Give from your heart on Tuesday to support the Q’ero Youth Technical Training Program. Donate Now.

A Letter From Our Director of Field Operations, Bertha Ramirez

Dearest donors, directors, and friends of Heart Walk Foundation,

I want to thank each of you for your continued support of the Q’ero people. Thanks to your passion for education and your generosity, we have achieved our dreams of sustainable education in some of the most remote communities in the Q’eros Nation. Bless you and your noble hearts!

In the same way, I would like to thank all of you infinitely for these opportunities you offer me to be your right hand in Peru and to work directly with these amazing youth. I have known this coming group of graduates since they were toddlers.

I know this Q’ero Youth Technical Training Program is a new direction for Heart Walk, and a very ambitious undertaking. I ask that you trust in me. I care very deeply for these students, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure they achieve dreams. I also know what it means to rise up from life’s difficult circumstances, and I tell you that we never do it alone. Without your support we would be lost. Thanks friends, thank you very much, and Blessings to you. I love you very much.

Bertha Ramirez

18 Year Old Mother Pleads for Opportunities for Her Student Colleagues

When interviewing candidates for the Q’ero Youth Technical Training Program, Brigida Succlli Phacsi asked that her story be included. Brigida graduated high school last December when there were no opportunities for Q’ero youth to further their studies. She became pregnant and got married shortly after finishing her studies. Now she speaks on behalf of her classmates who will soon graduate, pleading for a program that will give her peers opportunities she didn’t have.

Brigida Suclli Asks You to Help Her Cohort in Q’eros from Heart Walk Foundation in Peru on Vimeo.

Young Alex Advocates for His Peers

Alex has several more years of high school but is already looking to uplift his people with advanced skills and education. He is determined to complete high school. YOU can help him achieve his dream to receive post-secondary education so he can return to serve his community.

Alex Yearns to Serve His Q’ero Community from Heart Walk Foundation in Peru on Vimeo.

Expand the Impact of Your Gift on Giving Tuesday

Your donation will have DOUBLE the impact to help launch our Q’ero Youth Technical Training Program. You will be supporting one of eight eager students, providing tuition, supplies, housing, food, clothing, a study hall and library with access to computers, as well as a qualified tutor and support staff for the first year of their 2-to-3-year certification.

students of q'ero

They Need Your Help!

Mark your calendars for November 29. Plan to make a lasting impact on the lives of Q’ero youth. Your investment will impact their community and the generation to come.

giving tuesday

Thank you for bringing joy to so many children in need. We hope that seeing the smiling faces of the Q’ero children puts a big smile on your face as well.

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