With your help, Heart Walk Foundation has brought relief and support to Q’ero communities for 18 years. We have always relied on the community members, partnering with them on construction projects, contracting their labor, and relying on their traditional knowledge to guide all animal and agricultural projects. BUT, we have had to outsource all professional resources by contracting teachers, trainers, and medical teams from distant regions. Now, with the first generation of high school graduates, we have the tremendous opportunity to bring all of our efforts full circle.

Frida Wants to be a Nurse to Serve Her Remote Community

Frida is inspired to study nursing. When she was 14 years old, her mother became severely ill, and there were no medical services in her community. Frida’s mother was transported to Cusco, a day’s journey, where she spent four months in hospital. Her father sold their alpacas and llamas to pay for travel and medical expenses. The children were left in the village with so little to eat they were close to starvation. Now Frida is eager to learn technical nursing skills so she can provide medical services to her own village. Will you help?

Frida Wants to be a Nurse in Q’eros from Heart Walk Foundation in Peru on Vimeo.

Valerio is a Promising Young Leader

Valerio is a humble young man who possesses a quiet strength. He desires to cultivate professional skills so he can be a leader in his community. Valerio is considering animal husbandry or veterinary medicine to help his family and community with their herd animals. His community wants to raise ducks and cuy for eggs and meat. These projects require technical knowledge and strategical planning. YOU can help this promising young leader get training to advance his community with sustainable food options.

Valerio Wants to Help His Q’ero People from Heart Walk Foundation in Peru on Vimeo.

The Q’ero people have always envisioned their own youth leading their communities. It’s the desire behind every sacrifice they make to ensure that their children receive an education. They envision having Q’ero teachers inspiring the next generation, Q’ero professionals implementing trout and animal projects, and Q’ero professionals tending to the medical and emergency needs of the community. This is a vision of self-direction and self-reliance.

Expand the Impact of Your Gift on Giving Tuesday

Your donation will have DOUBLE the impact to help launch our Q’ero Youth Technical Training Program. You will be supporting one of eight eager students, providing tuition, supplies, housing, food, clothing, a study hall and library with access to computers, as well as a qualified tutor and support staff for the first year of their 2-to-3-year certification.

How your dollars educate these future leaders:

how your dollars help

photos of students

They Need Your Help!

Mark your calendars for November 29. Plan to make a lasting impact on the lives of Q’ero youth. Your investment will impact their community and the generation to come.

giving tuesday

Hear more voices from the Q’ero community about the Youth Technical Training Program in the coming week!

Thank you for bringing joy to so many children in need. We hope that seeing the smiling faces of the Q’ero children puts a big smile on your face as well.

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